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The stories of our everyday lives might seem plain and insignificant, but they could just be the light someone else is looking for. I learn a lot of lessons from life, mostly the hard way. But I want to share those stories and adventures and lessons with you in hope that maybe they will help you feel a little less lonely on hard days.  We can all use a little reminder that it is okay to be human and okay to tell the story of being human. We can't stop the challenges but we can feel a little less alone when we share those moments together. Welcome friend to the adventures of A Repurposed Heart.
Can You See It?
March 10, 2023
They say if you look for something hard enough, you are bound to find it. What tiny things about yourself do you look a little too hard for?
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More Bad News
January 28, 2023
There has been a lot of bad news lately. How do we deal with it? What do we do with all of that struggle and pain? We choose good news.
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“Inside Out”
January 5, 2023
The cold is creeping in and the only tool we may have to fight it is to throw the doors wide open and share the warmth.
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“Words and Light”
December 20, 2022
My writing journey has led me straight to you. We can find light in hard times by sharing our struggles—one word at a time.
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“Fill in the Blanks”
November 29, 2022
Are you out of routine? What are you doing to fill in those blank lines when you have those off schedule moments?
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“Rundown to Restored”
November 16, 2022
Feeling rundown? What is your go-to habit when you are worn out? Does that habit restore you or leave you as you were?
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“Dream a Little Dream”
November 8, 2022
Our dreams tell stories about our lives. What dreams do you live out in your story? Bigger question—do you have to?
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“Just One More Day”
October 7, 2022
Loss wakes us up to the realization that our days really are numbered. If only we could remember to make those days count.
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“Stop the Noise”
September 26, 2022
I wish it had not taken health problems for me to quiet the room. It is amazing what Jesus can do in the quiet.
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“Look Around”
September 12, 2022
We only get one chance to look around when it comes to reality. What are we missing when we forget to? Could we be missing the point?
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“Full Spray Ahead”
August 26, 2022
What good is a spray bottle that does not spray? Keeping the good things trapped inside is not how we were meant to live.
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“Grow Anyway”
July 8, 2022
We all want to move when the circumstances are just right. But what if they are not. Do we stay frozen or grow anyway?
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“True North”
June 10, 2022
The worst feeling in the world is when you realize you do not know where you are. Are the events of this world leaving us shipwrecked?
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“Ask Away”
June 4, 2022
The seasons of this life will always bring questions. Ask them. Our questions and fears unite us in a way nothing else can.
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May 28, 2022
We all feel the heat. We are living in times of exhaustion at every turn from the non-stop flames we battle. What can we do to rise above it?
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“This Little Knot of Mine”
May 13, 2022
How do you handle the tangled messes of human beings? Are you patient and gentle or are you a knot puller like me?
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“The Undone Trail”
May 3, 2022
Do you have a trail leaver in your house? What excuse do they use to explain what always seems not finished?
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“It’s the Little Things”
April 26, 2022
Some of our biggest "it just so happened" moments have become the most wonderful unexpected blessings. Especially in hindsight.
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“Quick Fix”
April 23, 2022
Sometimes in life you have to find the value in the things you would have not considered valuable. For me, that includes the quick fix.
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“Time Warned Area”
April 16, 2022
When storms strike, what do you do with the time until that storm passes? Are you using it well even in the middle of the storm?
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“All By Myself”
March 8, 2022
There is nothing wrong with being independent. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. The problem only begins when we decide only one of those is possible.
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“I Can’t Unsee That”
February 28, 2022
Are we avoiding seeing the things that we can't unsee? How much compassion would there be if we could see the view of someone else's world?
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“Worth the Wait”
February 24, 2022
It is disappointing when our plans do not work out. What if our plans did not move forward because a better one was waiting for us?
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“Build It Better”
February 22, 2022
Do you dabble in the details or dive on in? Does your focus on those details ever get in the way of building the kingdom?
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“Prove It”
February 16, 2022
The battle of what is true and what is not can only be won within our minds and hearts. Don't let all the confusion fool you . . . it is personal.
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“Priority Place”
January 9, 2022
Do you give your goals a place to live in your schedule? Or are they just the location you dream of visiting someday?
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“‘Tis the Season”
December 18, 2021
Are we just trying to get through the busyness of the season still standing? Maybe the season was meant to bring you more than a deadline.
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“Simple Gifts”
December 6, 2021
When we are spending a lot of time trying to find that perfect gift, we must remember that sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.
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“Show, Don’t Tell”
November 21, 2021
Writers are often guided to show and not tell their stories. What if we took that same advice in all that we do?
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“I Got This”
November 13, 2021
I wonder what would happen if we didn't tell God how far he can go? What does life look like when we move out of the way?
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“Recreate Me”
November 10, 2021
It is a hard realization when we look in the mirror and see we have so far to go. We are a new creation, but we still need a lot reflection.
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“How Are You . . . Really?”
November 8, 2021
These are tough times. But we can still check on each other and we can still look for light. I know where you can find some.
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“Break Time”
November 6, 2021
How strong is your chain if one day off could break it? Is the goal just to get there or to enjoy the journey?
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