So Many Words

Find Some Just for You

Words, Words, Everywhere

This repurposed life has given me beautiful and complicated stories. I have learned that they serve a purpose, especially when I choose to tell my stories to you. I have always had an abundance of words. I have used to use them to get what I wanted, to express my frustration, and to defend my plans. Now I use them for something more (well, most of the time . . . still a messy human here). Now I use them to let you know you are not in this alone.

Some days, trying to gather all of these words is like trying to catch the ocean. It is not an easy job to direct something that holds so much power. But every day I get up and try to use my powers for good. On the days I succeed, the words flood my soul like an incoming tide. It becomes my mission to catch a wave, follow it where it leads, and then share the journey with you.

These stories will take you on a journey of my personal adventures, thoughts, feelings, mistakes, and faith. They hold the heartbeat of my "Pollyanna Poetry" and take you with me to my knees in devotion. You can wade in the water of another's words as I describe their impact on my own or you can embrace the recovery and survival lessons from those who have resiliently fought through the storm.

Life takes us to the deep water whether we like it or not. I believe the best thing we can do with that fact is learn from it and use it to help each other swim on the days we feel like we are drowning. I pray that by sharing my struggles of being human, you will find something within this ocean of words that gives you hope and a life raft to hold on to. At the very least, I pray it helps you know you are not alone.




"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."

~ Anne Frank

Find Your Words

Sometimes stories can grant us the words we could not find on our own. No matter where you start, I know you will find just the words your heart are looking for.


My Words

There is always light to be found in the story if you look hard enough. These slice-of-life moments look at the everyday, the mundane, and the extraordinary to find the light that guides my way. From the silly to the sad, each story brings the wisdom of what life has to teach me and the glory of what God has to show me from the lesson.

True Devotions

His Words

These are the words He brings me to. The meaning and wisdom of what He teaches me when I dive into His truth and reach for understanding of the one who guides my life, my decisions, and my writing. These words remind me of my purpose in every journey.

Quote It and Note It

Their Words

The words of others grant us many opportunities to seek understanding and connection. Join me as I explore the words others say that lead me to become a better human and grant me a perspective I might not have otherwise seen from my view.

Pollyanna Poetry

Words of Rhythm

I am not a brilliant poet. But I love putting my feelings into words in a way that makes a cadence I can hear in my soul. The heartbeat of A Repurposed Heart set to words. My Pollyanna poetry is cheesy. It is sappy. It is probably some poetry critic's longest article. I love it anyway. Maybe you will too.

Survival Stories

Words of Resilience

These are the stories of those who do more than survive the storms of this life. They rise. They use the pain to bring life. They speak words of resilience over the struggle. They are the story that comes after the storm.

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world."

~ John Keating

Looking for Light Instead?

Words are amazing! But sometimes we need a little something lighter for the soul. Whether it is some lighthearted laughter, lighthouse leadership, or lightbulb lessons, there is always enough light for everyone. Click the sun and head over to find something lighter.

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