Let There Be Light

Find a Light to Hold On To

Shine Bright

We cannot afford to stay in the dark anymore. There are so many reasons why we must push through to try to find even a glimmer of hope in the distance. A glimmer that may give us the strength we need to get through the day. These are tough times. We have arguing humans and sad humans and broken humans and lonely humans. You may be one of them. But you also have something else under all that struggle. You have a light in you.

You have the chance, the blessing, the opportunity to find that light and shine it so you can find your way out. So you can choose differently. So someone else can see the way. We all have that choice. We all have that chance. It is time to start taking some chances.

We have to find joy even in the serious. We have to seek laughter in the dreary. We have to find our own struggles in the hearts of others around us and lift each other up in any way possible. If we don’t try, we will wither under the weight of all the pain this world brings. We cannot afford to stay in the dark anymore. We must choose to shine anyway.

This is my light. This is my chance, my blessing, my opportunity. This is my light shining for the whole world to see. This is my light shining for you. From jokes and silliness to beauty and real conversations, there is a little something for everyone. I hope that something here will help you see in the dark and find your way out. I hope you find just one thing that lights your way.



“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”

~ Steve Martin

Find Your Light

What kind of light are you looking for today? Leadership? Laughter? Stories that bring on the smiles and warm the heart? Find the light you are searching for in a story just for you.

Find Joy

Lighthearted Laughter

Ahh, she's got jokes. Not good ones by the way. Just something to bring a grin. A little silliness never hurt anyone. Just for smiles, nothing more.

Follow the Light

Lighthouse Leadership

These are my tools. They are my collection of the bold and the brilliant advice and suggestions that I think make for great leadership. We must shine our light for others to see the way and many times that starts with leadership, both personal and professional.

Be Inspired

Sparks of Inspiration

We all need a light to see by. Join me as I talk about the people who have inspired me by letting their light shine.

Bring the Heat

Incandescent Questions

Life is full of really hard questions. I am asking them. This is where I explore the questions that bring the heat and give my honest answers and thoughts. You will see. You really are not alone.

Capture the Moment


Kids really do say some crazy things, but their words always bring me a little wisdom with the wild. I learn a lot of lessons from the things my sons say to me. Come and find yourself some wild wisdom too.

Chase the Light


My first swing at being a real video star. We have to catch the light where we find it. When I find it, I share it with you.

Turn a Light On

Lightbulb Lessons

Just a list from a listmaker. Come and see what this life has taught me. I imagine the list will keep growing as long as I am here, for there is always a lesson to be learned.

Let Your Light Shine

Radiant Reads

They say good writers are good readers and I love to read. It is not hard for me to fall in love with a book but there are some out there that really shine bright. Read about my favorite reads.

Find Meaning

Enlightened Etymology

Some think they are just words. I think they are so much more. Follow the history of some of my favorite words and learn the meaning they bring to my journey.

Just Imagine

In a Flash

It started when a creative challenge met my perfectionistic personality. Even in the things I enjoy, I chase the bar all the way to the top, and my debut dive into flash fiction stories was no different.

Stay a Little Longer

Brightside Stories

Enjoy these short stories of the hardships and joys of life with happy endings. Let's face it, some days we just need a little sunshine to see the bright side of things. Join my imaginary friends on adventures of their own.

Celebrate and Shine

Candlelight and Coffee Club

Join A Repurposed Heart in celebrating the day you were born! Sign up today for the Candlelight and Coffee Birthday Club!

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

~ Leonard Cohen

Looking for Words Instead?

It is always joy to be lighthearted, but sometimes we need the more a more serious story from the words. Whether they are my words, His words, words that rhyme, or words of resilience, I have plenty to share. Head over to the Words page to see what story life gave me today.

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