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I seek opportunities to learn everywhere I go but often life itself will teach me the fastest. I cherish those aha moments when life teaches me something imporatnt, even if I learn it the hard way. I grow wiser every single time the lightbulb goes off. Best way to never forget those lessons? Write them all down.
What I have Learned Along the Way
Write it all down. Our memories will fail us and we will forget. Yes, both good and bad, it is all worth remembering.
Both friends and enemies can be one decision away from becoming the other. Treat both kindly at all times.
The only way you will ever be serious about what you love is to take what you love seriously.
It all matters.
God cannot give you anything new if you have no space left to hold it. Be available.
The journey is the destination. Don't let planning ahead make you miss it.
Always make it personal. Making it personal is what we are missing most in this world.
"I'm sorry" holds a lot of weight but won't hurt you to carry out.
There IS someone out there right now who really does understand becuase they are standing where you are standing. Hold on to that.
Learning is a vulnerable process. Tread lightly with those that are learning.
Fixing a broken heart is an inside job.
Be willing to play a different game.
The view you can see is not the only one available.
Living things grow.
You have only one last chance to tell someone you love them.
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