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True Devotion

I see God in the events of each day, always guiding me to grow and teaching me how to reach higher and be better through His words of comfort and truth. I share those moments with you in the hopes you will find something you need among His words. 
"Take Cover"
September 5, 2022
Have you ever tried to catch a manhole cover? I have. As if there was any way I could carry that kind of weight.
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"What it Takes"
August 29, 2022
We have no problem knowing we should be kind to those less fortunate. But what if your definition of the least of these is wrong?
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"No Regifting"
August 21, 2022
I will admit to regifting in my life, but this is not a practice we should use with the gift of Jesus.
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August 13, 2022
Are you willing to be seen? To stand in the truth, we must stand in the light. This is hard when we know that light is pretty revealing.
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"Tax Exempt"
August 3, 2022
Do we leave the ones we love the most behind as we follow our mission, our schedules, and our dreams? What price do they pay?
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"The Exceptions"
July 18, 2022
Today I admit the limits I place on my love. We all have exceptions to our love that keep us from the full potential of God's grace in our lives.
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