A Repurposed Heart

Words and Light from My Heart to Yours
Why Am I Here?
I have always had a gift for words. From card to conversation, I could count on having plenty to share. And share I did. But along the way, all those words began to feel as empty as I did on the inside. Often, I felt alone in a crowded room with lots to say about nothing. I knew there had to be something more. Like a child learning all over again, I started asking why. The answer changed everything.
Why Are You Here?
God changed everything. Suddenly I had something bigger to talk about. My words were telling a story. A beautiful story, not just about who I am or was, but who He created me to be. Not just a broken story of a hurting heart but an encouraging story of a repurposed one. Now my repurposed heart has repurposed words that I use to tell His story through mine. I know everything in my story has been for a reason. That reason might be you.
Keep Looking for Light
I have a little secret for you though. Repurposed isn’t perfect. The joy I discover, the wisdom that I gain, and the hope I hold on to, often slips right through my hands. There are days the trouble of this world and the critic in my head overwhelm me and leave me in the dark. In those moments, my only relief comes from searching for light. When I find it, I also share it with you. I share it with you so you can be encouraged in your heart, so you can be united with love, and so that you will know you are not alone. I give you words and light from my heart to yours.
Welcome to A Repurposed Heart
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Do Not Give Up
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