Words of Rhythm

True Love Found

Everyone needs to hear they are loved and not alone. I hope this acrostic poem gets the message to those who need it.

The Reason

Many times we try to make the reasons for our faith long and complicated. But the truth is actually very simple.

True Treedom

My imagination runs a bit wild, but I enjoy it when the stories in my mind lead me to the furtherance of hope.

The Builder

The struggle to set healthy boundaries in our lives is an ongoing journey that requires encouragement and hope. I hope you find that here.

Remember This

My honest words bringing you to the rhythm of my life. The ups and downs and the need for reminders that keep us heading toward light.

Passed On

What does passed on mean? Don’t just think of who we have lost but what they helped us find that we can pass on to someone else.

The Rhythm of My Story

What is the rhythm of your story? What has composed your journey from the beginning to now? What is the story you tell? Is it true?

Safe Haven

We are all looking for our safe haven both here on earth and in heaven. It is a blessing to be able to find them both.

Don J

Ahh to live this life, to have this world, I want to be like Don J the squirrel. Do you have a pet you adore?

The Knew Kid

What would you think if they really do know what you are thinking? Can animals feel the pain you’re holding inside?

Light of Your World

Star light star bright, bring me the wish I wish for tonight. The joy of the world for all to see, a star to shine and set man free.

Sign of the Time

Everyone should have a group around them that brings out the smiles. This is just a fun description of how we spend our time together.

In the Beginning

There are too many opportunities in this life to take ourselves too seriously. What are you doing to break through?

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