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“Sign of the Time”

September 10, 2021
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Who would have ever thought to make an ending grand
By using the unfamiliar streamed across the land
Surprising the group with a start, curiosity was born
The first time I’d ever heard the great alpenhorn

My eyes jumped back to the screen that I streamed
My curiosity peaked, awoke from a dream
What was that noise that of blue just occurred
What was the image of what I just heard

She kindly offers the answer with smile and with giggle
Sorry to startle or make you wiggle
She says as she tells of the sound heard as cue
I thought I would just try something new

As a startle does go it took me a minute
But the more often I heard the more often I wished it
To wait for the signal that the crew would assemble
After taking time to create something fantastic and nimble

She calls us back to discuss, support, learn, and grow
With the now gentle sound of the alps and the snow
The first time I heard it, my heart was aflutter
But now I would accept nothing else and no other

It has become symbolic of rest and time for myself
It is the sign that today I tried if nothing else
Becoming familiar and warm and specially borne
I have come to adore this great alpenhorn

I will for lifelong cherish for what it stands
A moment I take back from this dry weary land
Shannon Leach is an inspirational encouragement writer and the owner of A Repurposed Heart and ARH Inspirations. Her authentic stories and books about leadership, life, and loving people focus on encouraging others and reminding them they are not alone. Her work can also be found in Guideposts and multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is the co-founder of the nonprofit The Fostered Gift.
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