Birds Alive!

A good book takes you to all the things your heart was missing. This fantastic cozy mystery will grant you that wish!

Love Beyond Reason

One of the most valuable leadership tools in the box is love. It is the one thing that can move a team forward when nothing else will.

True Love Found

Everyone needs to hear they are loved and not alone. I hope this acrostic poem gets the message to those who need it.

Walking on Water

Just a walk on the water to remind me that every choice we get to make is a miracle to be held with gentle responsibility and celebration.

Convoy to Hope

Join me for this dive into the lives of two women determined to make a difference in the world, a world that started in Memphis, TN.

The Reason

Many times we try to make the reasons for our faith long and complicated. But the truth is actually very simple.


Even in times that are challenging to understand, we have the choice to at least look for another perspective, even if we never grasp it all.

True Treedom

My imagination runs a bit wild, but I enjoy it when the stories in my mind lead me to the furtherance of hope.

He Won’t Leave

There are days we just feel worn down from the repeated struggles of the world. But no matter how small or broken we feel, God’s got this.

Scary Cold Chicken

How do we become authentic people through and through, even when it goes against the grain of what everyone else is doing?

The Builder

The struggle to set healthy boundaries in our lives is an ongoing journey that requires encouragement and hope. I hope you find that here.


Sometimes we must move forward even when the weight of troubles are heavy upon our hearts. We cannot give up the battle for good.

Remember This

My honest words bringing you to the rhythm of my life. The ups and downs and the need for reminders that keep us heading toward light.

Message of Miracles

Be inspired by these comforting stories about the miracles all around us. This edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul reminds us of the faith and hope that can be seen and shared.

Recovery Begins

As I watched devastation and tragedy strike all around me, I found something unexpected; hearts still willing to climb despite the pain.

Heavenly Homes

Join the members of the SCWC as they tell heartwarming stories of their experiences as they relive their memories of faith.

Mom Memories

Join the members of the SCWC as they tell heartwarming stories of their mothers. This anthology of memories leads us down a journey of the best parts of being someone’s child. Enjoy this touching collection of all things mom today!

Bestie Barks

Oh, the stories we can tell about man’s best friend. These tail-wagging adventures about the K-9 comedians of our lives will bring you laughter and joy.

Feline Friends

Enjoy heartwarming stories about the adventures of our feline friends. This edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul will remind all cat owners who is really running the show.

Can You See It?

They say if you look for something hard enough, you are bound to find it. What tiny things about yourself do you look a little too hard for?

Try Again

We all know that God forgives our mistakes. But how are we affecting His mission in this world when we don’t forgive ourselves?

A Good View

Just like a snowflake can turn into a blizzard, the good things in our lives can become a barrier to clear vision if we let them.

It Adds Up Fast

When it comes to the legacy we leave behind, those moments of one more can add up to less before we know it.

Take It and Leave it

The chase for perfection in everything around me continues. But I must remember to take only what is mine to take.

More Bad News

There has been a lot of bad news lately. How do we deal with it? What do we do with all of that struggle and pain? We choose good news.

Use the Rain

Lilly takes a step into a journey she never planned for, leaving the chains of an old life behind.

Change of Heart

We are most comfortable when things go the way we expect. But what does it do to our hearts when things don’t go as planned?

Inside Out

The cold is creeping in and the only tool we may have to fight it is to throw the doors wide open and share the warmth.

Just Stop

We just keep walking. We see that person hurting and we turn the other way thinking we have nothing to offer. But what if we are wrong?

Words and Light

My writing journey has led me straight to you. We can find light in hard times by sharing our struggles—one word at a time.

I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet

Real human speaking. If you are looking for authentic truth that you can relate to and savor regarding how we handle change, look no further.


“Unfavorable winds blow the ship off course, and when they do, the sailors spot uncharted islands.” ~ Finding Father Benjamin: A Fable

Fill in the Blanks

Are you out of routine? What are you doing to fill in those blank lines when you have those off schedule moments?

Under Construction

“You put up with ugly and loud for a while because you’re committed to preserving something of great value.” ~ Shauna Niequist

A Journey for Good

Websites are meant to take you on an online journey. A journey that tells others who you are and what you are all about. This company is forging the path to help you do it well.

Rundown to Restored

Feeling rundown? What is your go-to habit when you are worn out? Does that habit restore you or leave you as you were?

Dream a Little Dream

Our dreams tell stories about our lives. What dreams do you live out in your story? Bigger question—do you have to?

Chasing Francis

Chasing Francis is a truth-teller about the struggles of our faith and the story of one man\’s journey to redefine it.

Lift Your Head

Lift your head my friend. There is hope to be found and it is time to rise and dust yourself off from the weight of the world.

Just Tired

Are you tired? This word is a common sentiment in our language and in our lives. What does tired mean for you?

Word of Honor

Uncover the power of keeping your word with another amazing title by author Hallee Bridgeman. It was a book I just could not put down.

Passed On

What does passed on mean? Don’t just think of who we have lost but what they helped us find that we can pass on to someone else.

The Thorn

What is the thorn in your flesh? Have you found a way to find peace within the struggle it brings?

Proof in the Prints

Have you ever heard of the poem that tells of the footprints in the sand? Here is why footprints may be the most valuable tool a leader can have.

Just Light

Some say they are just words. I say they have meaning. Learn what the word “light” means to me and and to my repurposed heart.

Just One More Day

Loss wakes us up to the realization that our days really are numbered. If only we could remember to make those days count.

Why Ask Why?

Why am I doing this might seem like an easy question to ask yourself, but the answers may reveal more than you expected.

A Hero’s Path

A hero’s path is rarely an easy one. We can look around us every day and see what a hero looks like. Just watch for the leap of faith.

Stop the Noise

I wish it had not taken health problems for me to quiet the room. It is amazing what Jesus can do in the quiet.

Just Fostered

Some say they are just words. I say they have meaning. Learn what the word “fostered” means to me and and to my repurposed heart.

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