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“Don’t Cry Over Spilled . . .”

October 30, 2021
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“Ummm, are you kidding me?! What are you doing?” my husband asked in a weary yet frustrated tone. He rushed toward me and grabbed my arm, knocking my grandmother’s favorite wooden spoon from my hand, simultaneously spilling sugar all over the counter.

Wrong move.

I couldn’t take anymore. The tears welled up in my eyes as I felt the color rush to my face. As if this week had not already been hard enough, losing her, my rock, just a month after my grandfather. Add to that the silent treatment from my cousins, my roof leaking, the car in the shop, and my boss giving me a hard time—my spirit was not just fading, it was broken. The last thing that I needed was the only one left on my side, my best friend, turning sour on me too. I slowly turned around to face him with a firm plan in my head to remain calm, but tears and anger and exhaustion converged.

“Now listen here. I love you. But hear me clearly when I say that I in no way shape or form feel like putting up with anyone else’s crap this week. I am exhausted and sad and I just want to make her recipe for snow cream! Why in the world is that even a problem?!”

He slowly took in a deep breath.

“I understand honey,” he started slowly, “but that isn’t sugar, it’s the salt I was gonna use for the ice on the sidewalk.”


Shannon Leach is a slice-of-life encouragement writer and the owner of A Repurposed Heart and ARH Inspirations. Her authentic stories and books about leadership, life, and loving people focus on encouraging others and reminding them they are not alone. Her work can also be found in Guideposts and multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is the co-founder of the nonprofit The Fostered Gift.
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