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“How Are You . . . Really?”

November 8, 2021
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How are you?  I mean really?  Life is hard most of the time but has it been more brutal than usual this week?  Are the heavy days starting to really weigh you down?  Are you feeling the energy drain from being constantly bombarded by negativity and bad news?  Yup, me too.  It is getting rough out there y’all.  So next question, who are you checking in with and who are you checking on?

Both of these things can make all the difference in tough times.

When we see no bright lights of solutions on the horizon in this moment, we are going to have to find ways to take care of ourselves and each other while we are standing in the dark.  But don’t worry, I know where there is a light source and He is going to come back someday and give us all the light we need.  But until that day, we are holding the light. We are holding the light inside of us that is meant to shine through the cracks onto others. Which means if you are struggling today, full of cracks, standing in the dark—you still have the ability to shine light.  Better yet, you still have the ability to shine that light on someone else.  No one, and I mean no one, is exempt from pain.  We all have got something.  Even more reason to phone a friend and ask how their something is going.  

This is how we fight the battle. One heart at a time.  Sending light your way, from my heart to yours.

Shannon Leach is a slice-of-life encouragement writer and the owner of A Repurposed Heart and ARH Inspirations. Her authentic stories and books about leadership, life, and loving people focus on encouraging others and reminding them they are not alone. Her work can also be found in Guideposts and multiple Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is the co-founder of the nonprofit The Fostered Gift.
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