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Just Imagine

Imaginary Friends

Life is too short not to have some fun! Welcome to my playground. What could be more fun than chasing your imagination? From flash fiction to short stories, there is something for everyone!
The Long and Short of It
We must never stop seeking joy. Life is just too short not to enjoy the blessing of it while we are here. It is good for us to laugh, create, and have fun. Even in our work. Welcome to what I do for fun!

It all started will a challenge to write a story in less than 250 words from a picture prompt. I had never written fiction before, but soon found joy in the moments I would create. Being the type that had to hit the bar perfectly, I decided to make each story exactly 250 words, no less, no more. It really put my creativity (and my editing) to work!

But I have not been the only one to fall in love with these characters. I have had requests to expand these flash fiction moments into longer stories. In response to those requests I am adding short stories over 1000 words to the mix! Now let's go meet all my imaginary friends.

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